Breastfeeding but worried about making enough milk?


Maximizing Milk Supply

The 1-hour workshop to demystify boosting milk supply so you know you can breastfeed with confidence.
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Let's get that milk flowing, mama!


Your little baby is finally here -Hooray!  but now its game on. 

Learn just what you need to do make sure you have plenty of milk!

Its time to say no to.....
Guzzling body armor
Doom spiraling on google
Comparing yourself to everyone on the internet 
Spending a shit ton on lactation cookies 

Too many moms wait until AFTER their baby is born to figure out breastfeeding...

but you know there’s gotta be a way to figure this out (spoiler alert: you’re right!) In this 1-hour workshop, I’ll teach you how to:

Build a great milk supply (so you have plenty for baby to eat!)
Knowing what is normal  (so you are not worrying for no reason!!)
Knowing EXACTLY what to do if you want to increase your supply.

So, who's gonna help you prep?

That's me, Kelly Kendall!
Boob School Founder and CEO
∙ Fellow (tired) mama
∙ Registered Nurse (RN)
∙ Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

When I had my first baby, I thought I was prepared to breastfeed. I’d watched some YouTube videos, read some blogs, and I had worked as a nurse helping pregnant and postpartum families. Honestly, I thought breastfeeding would be … easy?

But, damn, was I wrong. When a tongue tie, repeated mastitis, and cracked nipples became my reality, I was wishing I’d done more to prepare. And that I’d had more support to figure it out! Trying to absorb all the info at the hospital — even with the help of a lactation consultant — was a joke. I was so tired. So overwhelmed. And in so much pain.

I started The Balanced Boob so I could give moms like you what I desperately needed and couldn’t find: a balanced approach to breastfeeding that provides both education and on-going support.

Whether you’re expecting your first or you’ve done this before, my mission is to give you everything you need to breastfeed with confidence and comfort.
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Full belly, clear plan, can't lose.

Sis, I’ve been where you are and I can tell you that when it comes to breastfeeding, knowledge is power.

Let me guide you towards that dreamy milk drunk smirky gaze of a baby who’s nourished and satisfied.

Snuggling your baby who’s passed out with a full belly, you’ll get to comfortably rest (no, literally — try to take advantage to sleep when baby sleeps!) knowing you’re successfully caring for your new baby.

I’ve supported thousands of families in their breastfeeding journeys and I want to share my top tips with you so you can get off on the right boob, err foot.

The Reviews Are In

Hear what real moms are saying about Maximizing Milk Supply!

I am in the hospital with my newborn who is sleepy and frustrated at the breast. After taking the class I knew how to hand express to help her. 4 different doctors and nurses can't believe this is my first baby and first time breastfeeding. Thank you for providing me so much education so I feel comfy and confident on this journey.
I just had my baby and I am seriously so happy with how breastfeeding is going this time. I almost can't believe it. I am so much more prepared and knowledgeable this time and even my son’s cluster feeding is easy/enjoyable?? I am just in such shock.
My baby rocked her golden hour, and because of your class and the preparation I got, I was able to feed on both sides without assistance.

Are you ready to get Maximize Your Milk Supply?

TL;DR -- If you want a real plan to prepare for breastfeeding your baby, then all of your research has led you to the right place. Let this RN, IBCLC, and mama-of-two show you how to Maximize your milk supply.

This 1-hour workshop will save you countless hours of research, giving you more time to savor and enjoy your new baby -- all while feeling empowered to feed him as much milk as his little tummy desires!