Boob Hell

The 1-hour workshop to learn how to prevent & treat clogs, mastitis, and all the stress related to boob pain.
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Breastfeeding can be hard AF, but it doesn’t have to hurt like hell.

You know that saying, “if you’re going through hell, keep going…"

Well, that does not apply to Boob Hell.

In fact, if you just keep going, you’ll find yourself in a deeper place of torment. It’s a place where your boobs are inflamed and the slightest touch feels like you’ve been manhandled with a fire poker.

Which isn’t ideal when you’ve got a baby who likes to snuggle up to your chest. And nurse from your nipples. And generally just be smooshed into your very tender boobs.

When you’re dealing with the pain of Boob Hell, there’s only one option: You’ve gotta get the hell out as quickly as possible.

It's time to say no to...

Painful Clogs
Bad Advice
Outdated Protocols
Tips That Make It Worse
Repeated Mastitis
Confusing Information
The Horror of Boob Hell

If you want to avoid conflicting advice on the internet...

...a time-consuming trip to the doctor, and the unbearable pain of Boob Hell, then you're in the right place!

In this one-hour workshop you'll walk away with:

A clear understanding of clogs, mastitis, and the microbiome of your boobs
Practical steps for treating clogs, mastitis, and blebs
Preventative tips that you can implement now

So, who's gonna help you outta hell?

That's me, Kelly Kendall!
∙ Fellow (tired) mama
∙ Registered Nurse
∙ Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

But right now, I want you to consider me your personal nurse who’s going to help you get better faster and learn how to prevent any more clogs! I spent way too much time in Boob Hell as a new mom, and I’m determined to help you get the hell outta there -- ASAP! Mostly, I want to help you get to a place of enjoying all the heavenly snuggles with your baby!
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Kelly Kendall; IBCLC & RN
Founder of The Balanced Boob

Happy boobs, happy baby.

Let me teach you everything you need to know about keeping your boobs happy and healthy, so you can be freed up to keep your baby happy and healthy.

If you’ve already experienced the torture of Boob Hell, then you understand the value of knowing how to treat and prevent it.

And if you haven’t, well, don’t rely on luck to keep you outta there!

Let me show you exactly how to avoid and get out of Boob Hell (and stay out!).

The Reviews Are In

Hear what real moms are saying about Boob Hell (the workshop, not the metaphor)!

I am in the hospital with my newborn who is sleepy and frustrated at the breast. After taking the class I knew how to hand express to help her. 4 different doctors and nurses can't believe this is my first baby and first time breastfeeding. Thank you for providing me so much education so I feel comfy and confident on this journey.
WOW! It's crazy how quickly it worked.
I have gotten a lot of conflicting advice from OBs and IBCLCs, so it was really helpful to hear all the consolidated info about the latest mastitis protocol in one place and confirm that I should be doing things a certain way to help prevent.
I’ve treated mastitis with antibiotics before, and after I watched Boob Hell I’m now taking a totally different approach. I am less stressed and feel more informed to treat this inflammation!
The biofilm info and narrowed ducts anatomy teaching blew my mind. Honestly I'm just blown away by 100% of this course. I needed your help so badly!

Ready to get outta Boob Hell?

TL;DR -- The reality is that clogs are a common issue when breastfeeding, but that doesn’t mean they have to torment your breastfeeding journey.

Let this mom (and breastfeeding professional) who’s been there show you how to treat and prevent the pain of clogs, mastitis, and blebs. Your boobs will thank you for learning all the protocols to save them from Boob Hell.