Planning to try breastfeeding but feeling sweaty just thinking about how hard it was?


Not My First Rodeo

March 28th
7 pm EST

The 1-hour workshop ESPECIALLY for 2nd/3rd/4th etc moms looking to TRANSFORM their breastfeeding journey from panicky flashbacks to “I am actually excited for this shit”
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Get your boobs (and your mindset) ready for breastfeeding.


You’re having ANOTHER  baby and you’re damn determined to feel prepared this time. 

You have a birth plan, all the baby gear, and a mostly-ready-if-not-Pinterest-worthy nursery prepared for your little babe.
Diapers + onesies
Car seat
Birth plan
Breastfeeding prep

It's time to check off the last thing on your pre-baby list!

Too many moms wait until AFTER their baby is born to figure out breastfeeding and well you probably know how that shit goes 🫠...

but you know there’s gotta be a way to prepare (spoiler alert: you’re right!). In this one-hour workshop I’ll teach you how to:

Why learning hand expression BEFORE birth is your freakin superpower
What to do immediately after birth to help build a great milk supply 
Latching tips to prevent sore nipples (so you can enjoy the experience too!)

These core teachings have TRANSFORMED breastfeeding journeys for so many moms in Boob School I am ready to share them with you!

Testimonials from 2nd time moms 

I enrolled in boob school with baby #4. I was way more prepared for the hospital, breast crawl, how to treat mastitis, and the course on ties literally saved our BF journey, first baby to nurse for 10 months!
First baby, we barely made it to 4 months. 2nd, 14 months and still going strong! I attribute 99% of that to Boob School. It gave me confidence to know how to troubleshoot problems. I stopped obsessing over ounces and "are they getting enough?" questions all day long. I knew how to introduce a bottle properly and go between bottle and breast. I experienced so much less pain and engorgement in the early days. Also, I use the Boob Hell protocols for managing clogs and have had 100% success for over 14 months with no infections and clogs clearing up within 24 hrs every time. Everyone in my life is shocked that I've made it this far, so chill and confident. (I'M shocked, ha!). Could not be more grateful for this education!!

How much I wish I had this knowledge the first time around! Game changer that I'm on 10 months exclusively breastfeeding and my baby's growing and loves it.

I’ll never regret taking the class and having it on hand to refer to in case of “boob hell” symptoms. I will recommend it to everyone who’s having their first or 5th baby…

I can't express how grateful I was after boob school to know what would probably happen and what I could do about it, AND to have a trusted resource available on my phone for when I needed a refresher.

So, who's gonna help you prep?

That's me, Kelly Kendall!
∙ Fellow (tired) mama
∙ Registered Nurse
∙ Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

When I had my first baby, I thought I was prepared to breastfeed. I’d watched some YouTube videos, read some blogs, and I had worked as a nurse helping pregnant and postpartum families. Honestly, I thought breastfeeding would be … easy?

But, damn, was I wrong. When a tongue tie, repeated mastitis, and cracked nipples became my reality, I was wishing I’d done more to prepare. And that I’d had more support to figure it out! Trying to absorb all the info at the hospital — even with the help of a lactation consultant — was a joke. I was so tired. So overwhelmed. And in so much pain.

I started The Balanced Boob so I could give moms like you what I desperately needed and couldn’t find: a balanced approach to breastfeeding that provides both education and on-going support.

Whether you’re expecting your first or you’ve done this before, my mission is to give you everything you need to breastfeed with confidence and comfort.
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Kelly Kendall; IBCLC & RN
Founder of The Balanced Boob

Full belly, clear plan, can't lose.

When our dreams of breastfeeding don’t work out that can leave us with real trauma

From providers who don’t listen, give bad advice or just don’t get how DAMN hard breastfeeding can be.

Girl I get it. But I want to tell you…. This time can be different. I can’t promise you rainbows and sunshine every moment but I can tell you can feel confident, supported and empowered through your journey no matter what.

The Reviews Are In

Hear what real moms are saying about Milk Drunk!

I am in the hospital with my newborn who is sleepy and frustrated at the breast. After taking the class I knew how to hand express to help her. 4 different doctors and nurses can't believe this is my first baby and first time breastfeeding. Thank you for providing me so much education so I feel comfy and confident on this journey.
I just had my baby and I am seriously so happy with how breastfeeding is going this time. I almost can't believe it. I am so much more prepared and knowledgeable this time and even my son’s cluster feeding is easy/enjoyable?? I am just in such shock.
My baby rocked her golden hour, and because of your class and the preparation I got, I was able to feed on both sides without assistance.

Ready to get your Rodeo on?

TL;DR -- If you want a real plan to prepare for breastfeeding your baby, then all of your research has led you to the right place. Let this RN, IBCLC, and mama-of-two show you how to have a different experience this go round.

This one-hour workshop on March 28th at 7 pm EST will save you countless hours of research, giving you more time to savor and enjoy your new baby -- all while feeling empowered to feed him as much milk as his little tummy desires!